The Project

This Arts Council England funded project took place in South Gloucestershire Libraries between 2015 and 2017.  

The idea for the project was conceived in partnership with Liz Clarke & Co and developed with the support of a steering group made up of representatives from South Gloucestershire Council and the staff teams in each library. 

Initially conceived of taking place in three libraries, the project developed over time and we worked in a total of four libraries with over 200 participants offering over 126 hours of creative participatory arts activity across a range of art forms - performance, writing, music, visual arts and crafts.

Libraries offer you the opportunity to step into the world through their doorway. Throughout the project we wanted to explore libraries anew, re-mapping participants' expectations of these spaces: revealing their hidden mysteries, their magical pathways and their surprising destinations.

The project was designed to enable us to work creatively to improve wellbeing, reduce isolation and investigate how we can use the arts to explore library spaces in new ways. The project was open to anyone experiencing mental health difficulties, including people living with dementia and their families and carers.

Throughout the 10 week blocks of sessions, we created short films, photographs, documents, texts, mini performances, poems and audio tours; many of which you will find here on this website.

After four seasons of work, Liz took a break from the project and we worked with other artists. In January 2018, Liz returned to the project to create a bookwork resource - The Adventurer's Companion - which is now available in all South Gloucestershire libraries. This website complements the Adventurer's Companion and largely reflects the work of Liz Clarke & Co. 

In this website and the Adventurer's Companion, you will find glimpses and flavours of our adventures and many invitations for you to embark on adventures of your own. 

We hope you find it valuable in your own practice. 

Thank You 

Sincere thanks go to our steering group members who have supported the project since the first seed of an idea: Alison Catlin, Gill Clayton, Denise Swain, Nisba Ahmed and Steve Spiers.

We are indebted to many officers within South Gloucestershire Council for supporting the project and promoting it to our residents.

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