The Library as Inspiration

In each stage of our journey we explored new territory and made exciting discoveries!  Our work responded to each particular group so our destination was completely unknown.    

We took inspiration from our surroundings: the fabric of the building, the unique context and content that a library offers.  The live works ranged from reflecting the positives of living with a mental health issue to anarchic enactments of library rules and regulations. We worked with the shelves and cupboards, the foyers and hidden spaces of the building to make our interactive work. We discovered how performance can engage with people in all sorts of ways and encourage them to appreciate new approaches to engagement and learning.  

Simple questions prompted complex journeys.  For example: 'What is your favourite section of the library and why?' inspired the creation of a performance reflecting the personal and universal, blurring fantasy and reality, and examining the physical and perceived boundaries of 'the library'. 

I haven’t felt so energised and creative in years.
— Participant

your library: your inspiration

Find out how others experience the world around us; watch this short film by a participant who demonstrates how her daughter experiences and engages with the world.

All photography provided by Vivi Stamatatos and Lucy Cassidy

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