The Artists

The project was initially conceived between Liz Clarke & Co and South Gloucestershire Libraries, with the support of many colleagues in the Adult Health team at South Gloucestershire Council.  Through Liz Clarke & Co, the project employed the following artists: 

  • Liz Clarke 
  • Shelley Hodgson
  • Lucy Cassidy
  • Vivi Stamatatos
  • Liz Hickson 
  • Vonalina Cake 

When Liz needed to take a break from the project, we worked with Matthew Hemson and Scott Farlow and latterly, with Megan Clark-Bagnall and Ali Brown

Liz Clarke & Co returned at the end of the project to pull together the final legacy resource - the Adventurer's Companion - which accompanies and supports this website and can be borrowed from all South Gloucestershire Libraries.