Picnic exercise

An exercise to try with your group

The Picnic Exercise

This exercise works well with a group of 6 - 10 adult participants and could work equally well with younger audiences too. As facilitator you need to make some preparations in advance. 

You will need: 

Create a live tableau of a picnic scene; sit on a blanket, surrounded by sandwiches, cups and plates.

You can find a picnic blanket in the Adventurer's Companion, available for loan in all South Gloucestershire Libraries. 

You will need one person to take part in the live tableau and one person to facilitate the group.


Write, draw or discuss: 

What do they keep in their bag? 

What was their room like as a child?

What secrets does only their best friend know about them?

Retell their story in ten, fifty or five words

Place other people in the tableau 

Why not use this blank postcard - imagine your hotseat character has just received the postcard, or perhaps they are writing it!

The Group Watches 

What can we see?

What has just happened?

What is about to happen? 

Discuss or write responses 

'Hotseat' a character 

Ask them questions about their life


Here's a short film we made during our session of the picnic exercise.

All photography provided by Vivi Stamatatos