The Passport of the Imagination

The Passport of the Imagination was produced collaboratively in 10 weeks by participants in Staple Hill Library.  

I love the process of being creative in a group and the finished product: our fabulous passports of positivity.
— Staple Hill Participant


Through storytelling, writing and sharing their autobiographies the group dreamt up and shaped the passport.  The look, feel and contents of every page was a team effort.  The group felt very strongly that they wanted to share their experience with others and so we also came up with the accompanying How-To guide.  

You heard it here first: participants describe the process and what they got out of the sessions.


  • Create your own Passport of the Imagination by downloading the PDF version of the passport, below 
  • Get expert guidance on how to complete your passport with the How-To Guide written for you by our participants 
  • Be inspired by stories from the participants - watch their films here 
  • See the dressing up booth in the library here which encouraged others to step out in style and create their own passports

All photography provided by Vivi Stamatatos

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