Matthew Hemson and Scott Farlow

Matt and Scott worked with the groups over two terms in a variety of ways.  They encouraged digital exploration, finding inspiration online and introducing participants to a variety of crafts they could see and try out for themselves. 

They found memories of places people had been on holiday to, or visited as children and shared these as inspiration.  Objects and books became talking talking-points and springboards for discussions and art work.  Above all they bought the joy of music to their sessions whether just listening to favourite songs, having a Christmas sing-along or encouraging talented individuals to create their own pieces.  They reaffirmed the power music has to lift the spirits and bring people together.

They created this film with Patchway participants employing individuals’ unique skills to show what the sessions meant to them. 

Patchway Creative Arts and Cafe 2017

Photography by Matthew Hemson and Scott Farlow