Liz Clarke & Co



Liz has been working in the arts for over 10 years as a facilitator, producer and performer. She has worked extensively in the voluntary sector, particularly within mental health, drug & alcohol and women’s services. Founding Drastic Productions she was Artistic Director 1995-2014. A practicing live artist, Liz shows her work nationally, is resident performer at Beacons Icons & Dykons, and an Arnolfini supported artist. Since 2014 she has brought her artistic practice and participatory work together under a new organisation: Liz Clarke & Co.

Under the direction of Liz Clarke & Co, the project was called Re:Mapping.  Liz devised, ran and delivered the participatory sessions and the follow-on Artist in Residence sessions in the libraries.  She was supported by different Assistant Artists who complemented her work and built on emerging themes within a different discipline.

In 2015, Liz worked with Shelley Hodgson, a performance writer currently studying for a PhD at Plymouth University. Shelley lead the groups in creative investigations centred around text.

In 2016, Liz worked with Lucy Cassidy a live artist and creative practitioner who makes theatre with and for children and adults in unusual spaces. 

At the end of each set of 10 weeks sessions, the artists and participants collaborated to present to the public and invited audiences new artworks as a result of their time together.  This included The Passport of the Imagination, the short films found on this website, the audio tour at Yate Library and the performance tour at Hanham Library – Things you Literally Wouldn’t Expect.

In addition, Liz commissioned Vivi Stamatatos to document the workshop sessions and create the films and documentary photography found on this site.

Liz Hickson designed promotional materials and then took her brief from the participants at Staple Hill Library and brought their Passport of the Imagination to life. 

Vonalina Cake provided further documentation of the celebratory events which can be found throughout the site.

Donna Baber acted as Project Manager throughout the duration of the project.

You can read Liz's paper - No Nudity, Ducks or Amateur Wrestling OR What Happens When You Give A Live Artist Keys To the Library? - published by the Performance Research Journal in 2017.

In 2017/18 Liz returned to the project to produce the final legacy artwork and resource - The Adventurer’s Companion - which documents, celebrates and shares ideas from the project through a suitcase resource (available for loan from all South Gloucestershire Libraries) and is further presented through this website.