How to use this website

This website gives you access to some of the activities that Liz Clarke & Co devised and produced for the participants who took part in the sessions in the libraries. It is based on the Adventurer's Companion which is available for loan from all South Gloucestershire libraries. The Adventurer's Companion has been compiled to reflect and document Liz Clarke & Company's work with South Gloucestershire Libraries between 2015 and 2016.  The Project was called Re:Mapping. 

The activities on the website are divided into six themes under the heading; Plans for Journeys.

This website utilises the resources, ideas and exercises found within the Adventurer's Companion, as well as other bonus exercises and complete programmes of work that you can use when working with a group. If you are not based in South Gloucestershire, use the website as your guide.

Feel free to dip in and out of the activities and try things at your own pace. Here is a suggestion of how you might go on a journey with your group, using the five Plans for Journey's produced by Liz Clarke & Co: 

Week 1: The Library as Inspiration - get to know your library and it's resources using the Golden Books exercise 

Week 2: Try a range of meditative tea exercises in Expect the Unexpected

Week 3: 'Take to the great outdoors!' by re-creating a camping trip in the library to develop a sense of Belonging and Re-imagining of Your Library

Week 4: Create a space of Discovery and Mischief with your group and break your own rules 

Week 5: Reflect on what you've done and propel yourselves forward by completing your own Passport of the Imagination

Have fun exploring!  

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