golden books

An exercise to try with your group

Golden Books Exercise

This exercise works well with a group of 6 - 12 participants. You could work with adults or children. As facilitator, you need to have a few things ready in advance:

You will need:

  • Light cardboard
  • Materials to decorate the cardboard e.g. gold glitter paper, cocktail sticks with glittery frills 
  • Scissors, glue

First things first: 

Create 6 - 10 bookmarks using the craft materials


As the facilitator of the group, choose 6 - 10 books from the library and place a golden bookmark in each of them.  Hide the books amongst the shelves in the library. 

Invite your group members to see out the 'golden books' and place them on a table.

Let everyone pick a favourite.

In pairs, share with your partner why like this book.

Share with the group what you have talked about (using whatever method you choose - words, mime, movement etc.)

follow on ideas

Where would be your ideal place to read this book?

Take us there - set the scene, using props 

What music would accompany this scene? 

other ideas

Ask participants to find a word by turning to the same numbered page, paragraph, sentence and word - use the words to create a poem