Expect the Unexpected: Tea Proverbs

This exercise works well with adult groups and those with earlier stage dementia. Click on the image above to play a short film which includes this exercise.

You will need:

  • Pen and paper 
  • Teabags 
  • Small labels or tags 
  • Stapler  

First things first: 

In the same vein as the tea poem, set the group up as 'Tea Bag Proverb Manufacturers'. 

Imagine the group has the job of coming up with short pithy proverbs for teabag labels (like on a 'Yogi' tea bag). 

One word at a time the group forms a nonsense proverb. 

When the group feels the proverb is complete each member nods solemnly and strokes their (real or imaginary) beard.

Here are two of our best Tea Proverbs: 

When the delightful rain falls, always use the amazing umbrella
Colourful compliments are often useless

Have fun making your own.