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expect the unexpected

A meditative tea exercise with a jasmine tea ball

Expect the Unexpected: jasmine tea

This exercise works well with all adult and child groups. The key lies with setting the scene and pace for the exercise. It is a slow and quiet one that enhances relaxation and contemplation, so you might like to think about where it sits within a session. Perhaps play some relaxing music or read some poetry beforehand to set the tone.

You will need: 

  • Jasmine tea ball*
  • Kettle
  • See-through mug or teapot
  • Timer
  • Notebook and pen

*You will find a jasmine tea ball in the Adventurer's Companion (available for loan from South Gloucestershire libraries) or they can be easily purchased on eBay or Amazon. You could also use this virtual jasmine tea

First things first: 

Set a timer for three to five minutes and ask participants to watch the teapot. Aim for as near to silence as possible. 

Place the tea ball in the cup or teapot.

Boil the kettle and pour boiling water over the tea ball. 

Watch as the beautiful flower unfurls and emerges. 

Ask people to respond what they have seen with one word or a short phrase. 

Write these down and as a group arrange them to form a poem.

Here's ours: 

Jasmine Tea 
the giving of life
turns a sea urchin 
into a discovery of underwater rebirth
the moisture to the flower 
is charming and captivating 
patience reveals
the mysterious 
hidden underwater coral reef 
gentle, beautiful and colourful 
the fascinating flower 
fed by the moisture 
Taste the flower