belonging & Re-imagining your library

An exercise to try with your group

Belonging and Re-imagining your library: A CAMPFIRE exercise

This exercise was initially designed for a group of people with dementia, but we discovered it worked equally well for others too. 

You will need: 

*You can use the blanket and tea light in the Adventurer's Companion (available for loan from South Gloucestershire libraries)

**Think about what resources you could put in a sensory box to stimulate conversations and ideas - in ours, we used a tin of beans, fragrant ashes from a fire, a torch and some stones. 

First things first: 

Settle everyone in and set the scene for your camping trip!  Shade the room and dim the lights; pull sleeping bags and blankets over your knees.  We started with the poem 'March Camping' by Cheryl Hoffman, but you can choose your own to fit the feel of your session. 


Turn on the soundtrack and light-show and invite the group to sit back and enjoy. 

Talk about individuals' experience of camping trips. 

Serve hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Use the sensory box of materials to prompt conversation.

At this point the session took on a life of its own; we shared a pot noodle (with mixed reactions!) and we were treated to camping stories aplenty. We ended with an impromptu camping song.

Other ideas and resources: