An Adventurer's Companion

The Adventurer's Companion is the culmination of Liz Clarke & Company's work in South Gloucestershire Libraries between 2015 and 2016 and is presented to you as a travelling companion for exploring your local library with friends, family members or groups of participants. It reflects and documents the project which was called Re:Mapping and is available for loan from all South Gloucestershire libraries.

Libraries offer you the opportunity to step into the world through their doorway. Throughout the project we wanted to explore libraries anew, re-mapping participants' expectations of these spaces: revealing their hidden mysteries, their magical pathways and their surprising destinations. 

This joyful and delightful project was sited in three libraries: Yate, Hanham and Staple Hill. It was designed to enable us to work creatively to improve wellbeing, reduce isolation and investigate how we can use performance to explore library spaces in new ways. The project was open to anyone experiencing mental health difficulties, including people living with dementia and their families and carers.

In this Adventurer's Companion, you will find glimpses and flavours of our adventures and many invitations for you to embark on adventures of your own. 

Please feel free to interact with the pack with all your senses. We hope you will find much inspiration and have as much fun exploring new territories as we did during Re:Mapping. 

Bon Voyage! 


Contents of the Adventurer's Companion

Below is a list of the contents of the Adventurer's Companion. If you are not able to borrow a copy from your local South Gloucestershire Library, you can find most of the resources here on the website, as well as links to source the props and objects found in the companion.

Passport of the Imagination and How-To Guide

Re-Mapping Library Card

A Postcard Album

Envelope One: The Library as Inspiration

Envelope Two: A Space for Discovery & Mischief 

Envelope Three: Belonging & Re-imagining Your Library

Envelope Four: Expect the Unexpected 

A battery operated candle (links to a YouTube camp fire film you could use instead)

A jasmine tea ball (links to a YouTube film you could use instead)

A picnic blanket

A squeaky rubber duck

A golden bookmark

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