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10 things you should never do in a library

This exercise works well with groups of 6 - 12 adult participants.  

You will need:

No particular requirements for this exercise but you may want to get some props when you re-enact the rule breaking.

First things first: 

As facilitator, think beforehand how could you re-create this activity for your group.  

Could you make 10 new rules or make 10 new rules to break. 

Encourage your group to think about 'what would feel risky or daring to you?'  

Here's some ideas to get you started: 

  • Sing a song! 
  • Dance as if no-one is watching 
  • Share a secret with a stranger 
  • Pen 'that' letter you've often thought about, but never written - and send it! 
  • Ask a question you've wanted to ask but never felt brave enough